Our Mission

Our priority and number one goal is to provide all resources and services necessary to help insure success for all our clients. We truly believe that the enthusiasm we build into all our projects can in some way add to something sustainable to the World. This same enthusiasm is what keeps us going and thriving to be better then all our competitors. Based on our philosophy we are proud to take on any challenge that might come before us thus keeping the business alive and going. Each and every new assignment is one where we can prove our aptitude and efficiency feeding off from the positive feedback and customer satisfaction we receive. We believe that fair and clean communication with both clients and subcontractors is key to achieve our major goal of building a high-standard shipping service mutually beneficial for each party.

About Us

We are very proud of the fact that our freight forwarding company is 100% Hungarian owned. The firm has been operating for the past 10 years, the corporate name and structure however was renewed in 2014. The new team consists of dedicated professionals experienced in transportation. Thanks to the youthful energy and established connections our company grew from a team of 3 to 16 enthusiastic employees. We trust in the excellence and professional team work put forth by our colleagues all prioritizing the success and achievements of the customers we work with.



We pay special attention to maintain the satisfaction of our subcontractors. Moreover, we continuously expand our team in order to offer the most optimal solution for an even wider set of services.


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